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Why it’s important to have an email list

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Posted by on September 22, 2019 in | Comments

An email list is a generated list of names, email addresses and other details of potential clients who give you permission to send news, updates, promotional prices, etc of your product and service offering.

There are many ways to build your list, like using an excel spreadsheet or if you have a very big client database, you can build your email list inside a marketing software that allows you to send email in bulk to all your clients on the mailing list. Mailchimp is an example of this marketing software.

Many business focus on promoting their products and service offering through email marketing. What a lot of business owners don’t realise, is that email marketing is actually a very important marketing tool for a business. Let’s look at the main reasons why building an email list to use as a marketing tool is important for your business.

1. An email is more personal as it lands into a client’s inbox, making it more direct with an increased opportunity to start a conversation.

2. An email is also purposeful. A client has to provide certain information to receive updates from your business, which already shows their interest in your business. This means that you already have an advantage to market your product to these specific clients, and should grab the opportunity with both hands to provide the information clients seek.

3. An email is targeted at a specific audience, providing you with the opportunity to provide clients information regarding the relevant offers to get greater results.

4. You can manage your email list the way you wish because you own it! Social Media platforms regularly change their policies, which can sometimes force you to change your marketing approach.

5. An email is one on one, as clients read all your emails in the privacy of their inbox, making it possible for them to directly ask questions while reading your email.

6. Every Social Media user has an email address which is required to register your account and information, already providing business with an opportunity to take advantage of users to sign up for the weekly or monthly newsletter.

Email marketing is the best from of investment for long-term marketing that ensures a higher return of purchases, relationship building and communication.

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