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The common cloud misconceptions

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Posted by on October 27, 2019 in | Comments

While the cloud adoption rate around the world is on the rise, there are still many organizations that are resisting the adoption of the cloud. Their main reasons behind not adopting the cloud are some myths and misconceptions.

According to The State of Enterprise Software 2019 report by IBRS, the most common cloud myths among the businesses are security, price, and integration. Virendra Soni perfectly explained the reasons why some market segments remain in the thrall of cloud myths.

  1. Security Myth

A high number of organizations in the survey said that security is the main reason for not migrating to the cloud. They are concerned about the security of the cloud systems and the critical data shifted to the cloud. But it is one of the biggest myths about the cloud.

The investment by cloud service providers on cybersecurity is more than most of the organizations’ budget. They have strict data security policies and practices in place.

“Typically, these security and privacy policies are a much higher standard than most on-premise systems.” -Tony Robertson, Director, Cloud Capacity & Compliance at TechnologyOne

  1. Cost & Utilization Myth

A large number of organizations are in a false belief that it will cost them higher if they run the infrastructure on the cloud. That’s why they choose to manage software solutions internally on-premise.

The IBRS report busts this myth, showing that the main advantages of migrating to the cloud are:

  • freeing up IT resources from on-premises infrastructure,
  • reduced investments in on-premises infrastructure, and
  • lower operating costs.

“SaaS providers take it one step further from the cloud, eliminating both the need to manage any infrastructure, as well as all aspects of upgrading and patching the software and hardware.”

This removes the need for all the facilities and staff required to perform these functions. This, in turn, will mean the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the SaaS solution is typically less than the on-premise equivalent.” Robertson

  1. Integration Myth

Organizations think that it is very difficult to integrate with cloud services, as compared to on-premise software. IBRS report counts it among the biggest cloud myths, that often arise when organizations are looking to combine software design with deployment methods.

Various cloud-based enterprises apps use a micro-services architecture, which is not possible with the ageing on-premises solutions.

“Integrating with cloud systems, and particularly, SaaS solutions has become a much simpler proposition. Most SaaS vendors will provide a list of integration options that have been tested and verified as scalable, robust and secure. The benefit of moving to an ‘as-a-service’ offering, like SaaS, is that integration is no longer a technical headache because the software partner takes on, and manages that complexity.” Robertson


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