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Posted by on April 17, 2020 in | Comments

A custom welcome email can improve user experience and ensure that users don’t forget about your website after creating an account.

Below is a list of scenarios when a welcome email can help you set up a proper onboarding process for your new users:

  • If you run a WordPress membership website, then you may want to educate users about where they can find all the benefits that come with their membership plan.
  • On an eCommerce website, you can direct users to products they would like, their account settings, or shopping cart page.
  • On a multi-author website, you can point new authors to your style guide, ask them to fill in their bio and social links, or show them how to get started.

Let’s look at how to set up a welcome message using a plugin:

  1.  Install and activate the Better Notifications for WP plugin.
  2. Upon activation, you need to visit Notifications » Add New page to create your custom welcome email.
  3. Provide a title for this new notification that helps you easily identify it.
  4. Next select ‘New user – post-registration email’ next to the ‘Notification for’ option. You can then start writing a custom welcome email by entering the email subject and message.
  5. Once you are finished writing your custom welcome email, you can click on the save button to store your changes.
  6. Click on the ‘Send me a test email’ button, and it will send you a test notification to the email address in your user profile.

Tip: Click on the find shortcodes button for a list of shortcodes that you can use inside your email message. For example, to display the user’s name, you can use the shortcode [email_user_display_name].

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